Long time no see

Apparently moving from Australia to Canada takes the oomph out of my blogging spirit. Go figure. But in the spirit of the blog’s name, here’s a little something that’s not topology related, but rather just me getting something off my chest: the people who are up in arms, screeching about Cordoba House and how it’s somehow defiling the site of the 9/11 attacks, need a good smack.

The people who are building Cordoba House are not al-Qaeda, for the simple reason that al-Qaeda doesn’t speak for all Muslims. Get that through your frikkin’ heads. Al-Qaeda doesn’t speak for all Muslims any more than abortion clinic bombers speak for all Christians…and yes, forcing all Muslims to answer for al-Qaeda without requiring all Christians to answer for abortion clinic bombers is just a wee bit bigoted.

And Ground Zero is not hallowed ground. Sorry, but any site that plans to lease retail space to anyone with the money to rent it does not qualify as hallowed in any sense of the word. Not that Cordoba House is being built at Ground Zero anyway. Just how “hallowed” do think a random block in downtown Manhattan really is?

And, what’s the endgame, for those screeching against Cordoba House? No mosques in downtown Manhattan? (Never mind those that are already there.) For how long? How about elsewhere in the United States? For how many years will religious freedom have to be thrown out the window, to respect the precious feelings of people scared by 9/11? (Never mind the Muslims victims of that attack.)

Freedom means something, people. It doesn’t mean freedom only when it’s convenient. It doesn’t mean freedom only when it doesn’t make you uncomfortable. It doesn’t mean freedom only when you’re not scared.

Religious freedom means that, by and large, people get to worship or not however they please. Even Muslims. And freedom in general means that by and large what people do in their own place of worship or business is none of your business. Even when those people are Muslims.

The truly hilarious part, of course, is that most Manhattanites understand this from what I’ve heard. It’s people outside of Manhattan, by and large, who’ve decided that the people who actually lived through the 9/11 attack aren’t being sufficiently hateful about it. Can’t let those liberal east coast elites dictate the conversation, dontcha know. What do they know about freedom?

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