If you want a glimpse into how I think…

If you’re at all curious about the workings of my head, you could start by reading the following:

Letters from a Birmingham Jail…actually, why haven’t you read that already?

Atheists and anger

And lastly, for now anyway, Fuck your civility. That one has a certain amount of “inside baseball”, and if you don’t know the context you won’t get all of it; for that I apologize. It also has naughty language, for which I don’t apologize.

When I get really steamed about something political, with surprising frequency one of those three documents comes into play.


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  1. Ryan Budney on

    Hi Peter,

    Any interest on coming to the summer CMS meeting in 2012 ?

    Feel free to e-mail me.

    -Ryan Budney

  2. petermilley on

    Ryan! Hello!

    Man, I have to give you a better way to keep in touch than forcing you to comment on my “venting” posts…

    Yes, I would be interested, although I’m not exactly in the academic loop anymore. I’ll send you an email with my contact info.

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