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Shaking off the dust

Yeah, work’s been busy.

What’s new? I voted. You don’t know how significant that is until you can’t.

The weird thing is, I voted strategically. I hate that. I think voting strategically is, in general, a stain on the whole idea of democracy: nothing but an opportunity to throw away the one chance most citizens get to express their political opinion. But I now live in a riding where the margin of victory in the last election was only double-digits, and the local member of the party I voted for seemed like a decent guy, and despite my distaste for his party’s leader the other big party appears to be run by disasters and atrocities given human form and stuffed into suits.

Those are all just excuses, of course. The fact is, it seems the boundaries of my moral positions are slighty fuzzy, at high magnification. I’m okay with that, upon reflection. I still hate strategic voting, I’m just not an absolutist about it.

Oh yeah, and I own a house now. My recent sideways career change? I’m not regretting that one little bit. The house has its warts, its blemishes, its out-and-out glaring flaws. But it’s mine. Well, the bank’s. Whatever. The point is, I was years away from getting anything like this kind of personal stability on the academic treadmill. I’m a case study in how modern academia is a con job, a pyramid scheme perpetrated by university administrations on untenured faculty and post-docs. I don’t mind. I got out.