Who do you listen to?

Who do you listen to?  I mean really listen to, not just hear.  Who do you open your mind to, and trust enough to entertain the possibility that they’re speaking the truth, without interrupting, without waiting for your turn to speak, without having to “win” the conversation?

It’s a surprisingly applicable moral question.  Listening in that manner is an act of respect, and who you show that respect to says a lot.

For example, the pro-life, anti-abortion position is one I feel is fundamentally based on not listening.  It’s about not respecting the pregnant woman enough to listen to them, nor to trust that they actually have a relevant perspective on their own circumstances.  It’s about choosing instead to listen to a book or to some old white men.  That’s its fundamental flaw.

99% of the bullshit on the internet is cause by not listening, but instead having a bunch of people trying to win the conversation.  People not open to the possibility of receiving truth from each other but instead demanding to impose it.

Who do you listen to?

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