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No one cares about hypocrisy

At least, not their own.

I’m going to make something of an assertion here, and it’s not like I’ve done an extensive study or anything, so this is possibly complete nonsense. But here goes:

No one has ever, not once, been convinced of anything by having their hypocrisy pointed out. No one has ever vanished in a puff of logic when told that their position now doesn’t jibe with their position then, no one has ever burst into flames when told that their supposed internal logic isn’t consistent, and no one has ever experienced even the briefest moment of shame when told that they are espousing two contradictory thoughts.

Because people are really good at holding and espousing contradictory thoughts. Entire major religions have contradictions as core tenets, and this isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. Being logically consistent might be nice, and maybe even admirable, but logically consistency will be set on fire in a heartbeat if it stands in the way of justifying whatever people want to justify in their heads.

Conclusion for you, dear person on the internet: pointing out the hypocrisy of public figures/local politicians/random sociopaths is a waste of your valuable time.