What does it mean to be Canadian?

Happy Canada Day, once again! Our nation has survived another year, so let’s ask ourselves: what does it mean to be Canadian?

It’s a joke question, in so many ways. Half the time, when someone asks they’re trying to sell you beer. We’re a country that’s frequently content to coast along without much introspection, and most of the time that’s worked fine.

I think, however, that the time for introspection has come. We need to ask ourselves what it means to be Canadian, because if we don’t even try to find the answer someone else will happily answer in our name. That if nothing else is the lesson of the past few years in Canada, as politicians at every level have climbed over each other to speak for us.

Do you like what they’re saying?

If not, do you think another politician is going to come along and say anything better?

I hope you’re having a great time today, with people you love. There’s not much better than a good barbecue. But I also hope that the country outside your yard is a country that you love. And that your voice will be heard.

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