The only thing George Orwell got wrong…

…is that he made his dystopia a socialist dystopia.

I’ve been reading 1984 again, and it’s eerie and sad. Except for that one nagging detail, he pretty much predicted twenty-first century western civilization. War is peace: we have always been at war with Terror. Freedom is slavery: for your freedom, do everything the authorities tell you. Ignorance is strength: don’t question the system, you’re either with us or you’re with the enemy. Constant surveillance, constant demagoguery against the other. It’s just that instead of socialism and Party uniforms, we have Wired and GQ.

It turns out IngSoc wasn’t necessary because we all had a price.

I figure one of three things is true: I’m having a rare insight, I’m having a common insight that goes generally unacknowledged, or I’m having some kind of breakdown. Which is more depressing, so you think?

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