You will have to change.

I mention this because it seems to terrify people, so let’s get it up front and centre so we can get over it.

The world is not going to get fixed around you, with you sitting serenely untouched in the centre. Each of us is going to have to put our own house in order. Each of us is going to have to look inward, find those places where we are wrong, and root them out. Your heart and mind are the foundation. Without securing that foundation, we cannot build safely on top of it. And without recognizing it’s initial flaws, and seeing the effects of those classes on others, we cannot truly connect to others and move forward together.

(Topical example of the day: Darren Wilson. There’s a man who’s never looked inward or asked himself if he might be wrong. And that’s why he’s a failure, a coward, and a monster.)

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